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Fine artist. Art ought to be from life, and above life. To merely document surfaces is not enough: I want to grasp what is behind, which to me is far more compelling and worthwhile. My goal is to discover the truth in life, and to portray those hidden aspects boldly, without losing beauty that is seen. Paintings and Prints via Zazzle Store
An aerial photo of Nordlingen, Germany. (Lothar Theobald/Getty)

An aerial photo of Nordlingen, Germany. (Lothar Theobald/Getty)

My Favorite Altar Pieces at Mariahilferkirche, Graz

here are many interesting churches in Graz and one of them I visited in 2012, Mariahilferkirche and cloister, impressed me very much with its startling altar pieces.

The most striking one was an altar of Pietà, whose particularity was that there was a sword piercing into Maria’s breast.  It was a very disturbing and moving image and hard to forget.

I happened to have seen quite a few similar images during that trip; in the very same church, on the side wall, I also saw this standing alone Maria pierced by a sword.  In other church, I even saw a Maria pierced by seven swords!

The second favorite altar in Mariahilferkirche featured a dead scene of a saint, perhaps, Maria. 

The strong contrast between the splendidly colorful angel and the bleached dying Maria were very striking, and their postures echoed each other, and formed a broad and comforting embrace.  Very moving.

DSCN9152 _ Institut für Klassische Archäologie, Universität Graz, 9 October on Flickr.

My Favorite Sculptures at Institut für Klassische Archäologie, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

Yet, pressed, I had to name the Niobe below as my favorite - it was not the most polished piece to behold and the deliberately clumsy posture of the grief-stricken queen was rather ungainly, yet more moving for that.  What moved me most were her stunned facial expression and the terrified face of her little daughter clinging to her, trying desperately to avoid the fury of the gods, who had just killed all her eleven siblings, provoked by the boasting, now belatedly repenting Niobe, a moving subject also propelled me to make an abstract installation last year.

My second favorite was a huge head of a noble horse, with its lean bones, fiery eyes and flaring nostrils, looked supremely eloquent and elegant.

Melancholic Waiting Cat behind the windows

Another group of paintings from Modernism from the National Gallery of Art in De Young Museum, San Francisco

@deyoungmusem #meyerhoff

… Similarly, I found this Rothko’s abstract piece, in very subdued palettes, exceedingly beautiful.  It surely made a stark contrast to his more vibrantly painted pieces, particularly his red and purple pieces.  It is a very meditative piece.

The Bradley Walker Tomlin painting was definitely vibrantly colorful and also amazingly beautiful, and even orderly, despite the deceptive chaos.

Hans Hoffmann’s piece included was a typical Hofmann - strong color contrasts, geometric pattens seemed ever moving on the canvas. Very dynamic.

Other pieces with similar complexities and contrasts are these pieces below, in turn subtle, bold, schematic, and chaotic.

Today is Mid-Autumn Festival in Chinese calendar.  Some cats think they are the moon

Moon rise - one day before Mid-Autumn Festival

Amazing Japanese Craftsman making beautifully patterned “paper”

Paradisal field

Paradisal field